Quality Pest Control Omaha People Prefer for Residential Spaces

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No space is safe from these little creatures that create big problems in your everyday life. You may perceive your residential place as a place to live, relax, and enjoy your leisure time, but you are not enjoying it alone. These little creatures termed as pests often make living unimaginable, making your comfort become complete chaos. No one would want to be bitten by mosquitoes or see bed bugs coming out of their couch. Your expensive carpets must be saved from rats, and your pool water must have more water than fungi. Do not allow these creatures to ruin your sanity, as they are already causing enough harm to your home and belongings. Instead, you need to get them controlled, and ensure that they do not return ever again. We are able to provide you with pest control Omaha people can stand by, and will remove all of your worries while providing you with a comprehensible solution that is specifically designed for residential spaces. Since residential spaces are also for pets and children, we select such procedures that are harmless to the environment and people, without having to reduce efficiency. 

Providing pest control Omaha residents can count on is a task that requires precision and efficiency. Without them, the problem is likely to return, with even more annoyance and frustration being caused by these pests. If you notice pests of any kind that have restricted your sleep at night, or have caused a disturbance in your residential place, call All Star Pest Control and our representative will assist you as soon as possible. The standard of the procedure is quite simple, and these unwanted pests will be removed from your home quickly. 

We Are The Best Exterminator Omaha Residents Always Choose

Residential spaces require precise and highly efficient exterminators who are skilled at their work. This is because the kind of exterminator Omaha residents need deals with chemicals and procedures that may be quite hazardous if used by amateurs. Not only are the chemicals which are normally available in superstores highly toxic and possibly quite dangerous to the eyes, nose, and hands, but people do not follow the correct procedures, often becoming subject to injuries and emergencies. Hence, All Star Pest Control does not recommend using such products, especially if you are dealing with residential spaces. Instead, you need to hire an expert exterminator Omaha people can count on, that has complete knowledge and utmost proficiency in their work.

We use solvent-free chemicals and opt for procedures that cause no harm to the environment, ensuring that pets and children do not encounter any consequences, while also guaranteeing safety for senior residents. As a company that has been in the business for 50 years, our core values are not only to control pests safely, but also to protect the health of our clients. Our residential pest solutions are unlike any other, because our exterminator Omaha people trust ensures that our clients receive the best pest control possible. 

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Solve Your Critter Problems with Our Critter Control Omaha People Need

As we have been in the business for 50 years, our vast amount of experience has led us to develop particular solutions for every kind of pests. We have a constant learning process that educates our staff of advancements that are needed to help us develop procedures that are more effective and safer than previous ones. Whether your residential place is infested with big or small pests, we have various ways to deal with them. Finding critter control Omaha people can rely on is quite possible since our solutions include not only removing them, but also clearing any signs of possible growth or breeding of more. 

Since we also have expertise in controlling mice, setting up a mouse trap is no longer the first resort, as they have become more advanced in understanding their surroundings, allowing them to always find other routes to enter your storage or kitchen. Our mouse removal service will not only remove them from your residential place, but will prevent them from ever returning to your home again, as our exterminators are professionally trained for removing mice. Hiring a mouse exterminator Omaha residents trust will save you from the everyday hassle of trying to remove a mouse with solutions that are available for you to try on your own. However, these solutions are not your permanent go-to solutions, but they will only increase the likelihood of encountering more mice in the future. Our professional mouse exterminator Omaha people recommend is readily available at All Star Pest Control. Similarly, you should also consider us for mole removal Omaha residents may need if you frequently encounter them. Using us for our mole removal Omaha people rely on must be your priority to stop them from breeding remaining around your home. If you face any disturbance regarding pests, call us now to learn more about our critter control Omaha families have come to rely on. 


Our Home Pest Control Omaha Offerings

At All Star Pest Control, we’ve been protecting homes and families for over 50 years. Not only do we have the experience to do the job right the first time, but we’re also confident enough to offer a 100% service guarantee to prove it.

With All Star Pest Control, you’re sure to find the exterminator Omaha treatment plan that works for you. We offer two tiers of general pest control plans, as well as several additional pest control plan options.

Both of our general pest control plans include interior and exterior treatments, recurring service visits, and unlimited re-treatments at no additional charge.

Bi-Monthly Service Plan

  • $199 initial service fee for homes up to 5000 square feet
  • Our fee drops to only $99 if you purchase online
  • $59 per month
  • Six total service visits throughout the year
  • Covers all general pests, including rodents
  • Unlimited re-treatments at no additional charge


Quarterly Service Plan

  • $199 initial service fee for homes up to 5000 square feet
  • Our fee drops to only $99 if you purchase online
  • $49 per month
  • Four service visits throughout the year, plus the initial visit
  • Covers all general pests, including rodents
  • Unlimited re-treatments at no additional charge


Our Specialty Omaha Pest Control Offerings

In addition to our general pest control plans, we also offer several additional treatment options. These include the following service options:

  • Mosquito misting treatments: This plan is a monthly service plan that takes place between April and October. We’ll treat your yard monthly to keep mosquito populations under control all season long.
  • Rodent control services: Our rodent control service is available as part of our general pest control plans. We use baiting and trapping to eliminate your infestation.
  • German cockroach treatments: Our German cockroach treatments require customer prep and support to be most successful. We will treat the areas where roaches are most often found, including kitchens, pantries, and bathrooms, and return for monthly treatments until they’re eliminated.
  • Gopher & mole services: We use a smoker for our gopher and mole service. This treatment takes about 20 minutes and has proven very effective.
  • Snake control: We offer several snake control options, including Snake Away. This product is a repellent that we apply around the perimeter of your house. Contact us for more treatment options.
  • Termite control: We offer liquid treatments and baiting stations to eliminate termites on your property. Visit our termite service page to learn more.
  • Bed bug control: We offer liquid treatments to eliminate bed bugs in your home. Visit our bed bug service page to learn more.

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