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Great backyards are our favorite places to be; why wouldn’t they be? With eye-catching greenery and fresh air, there is nothing that can go wrong while drinking coffee and sitting in your backyard, except, there are mosquitoes! Mosquitos are undoubtedly one of the worst insects that exists. With the size of a common fly, they are relatively easy to see, yet one of the hardest to eradicate. Around 50 species of mosquitoes reside in Nebraska, but only around half of them feed on human blood, as the female mosquito sucks blood to provide the necessary nourishment for their eggs. As for the victim, not only do they give you painful blisters, but they can transmit diseases as well. Although they are curable, these diseases can easily cost you a lot of money in medical payments, with Dengue and Malaria being a few of the possible illnesses.

Identifying a mosquito infestation is comparatively easy given their size, as well as their signature buzzing sound. In addition, you can easily protect yourself by placing a net over your windows and sanitizing water reservoirs. Yet, mosquitos are resilient species, and with their wings, they will leave no place to hide from their prey. To completely remove mosquitos and eradicate their residence in your yard, you need to hire a professional exterminator, as an exterminator will manage a tailored program for your needs, and furthermore, follow-up to ensure that the mosquitoes do not return. The frequency of the treatment depends on the source of the mosquito population. Most of the time, just covering a small reservoir is enough to complete the job. However, wherever it is not possible, mosquito killing sprays are used to eliminate these pests. The mosquito control cost in Omaha Nebraska is also extremely high now because of the humid climate in the region, which makes it reasonably harder to find an affordable professional service.

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Start to enjoy the great outdoors again with the help of our mosquito control Omaha residents deserve today. As a local family-owned service, All-Star Pest Control provides the best Omaha mosquito control service. With a vast experience of 50 years, along with many satisfied clients, you will be able to satisfactorily return to your backyard quickly! With clients all over Omaha excitedly sharing about our outstanding service, there is indeed no reason for you to be doubtful. You can register quickly with our yearly subscriptions and get guaranteed results, as we will make sure to eradicate all pests as soon as possible. 

We provide bi-monthly visits, but if you feel that the mosquitoes are still there, you can call us a third time for free! Moreover, you can also get yourself booked for a treatment for a special event, ensuring that none of your guests are bitten by these flying nuisances. So, make sure to be free of any worry for the betterment of your health. Apart from providing exceptional services, we also ensure to keep our rates nominal and competitive. So, you can be sure that you will receive the best possible mosquito control cost in Omaha Nebraska!

Why are mosquitoes so dangerous?

When you hear about mosquito-borne diseases, it’s mostly in the context of African countries. The truth is, although those countries are hit harder by infectious mosquitoes, these pests carry dangerous diseases worldwide. In 2016, there were almost 50,000 cases of mosquito-borne illness in the United States alone. Protecting yourself from mosquitoes doesn’t just keep you from scratching your arms; it prevents the threat of malaria, Dengue fever, and many other dangerous pathogens.

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Our Mosquito Control Omaha Process

Our mosquito control Omaha involves spraying a mist treatment on the areas of harborage around your yard. These areas include trees, shrubs, bushes, grasses, and more. Depending on the size of your yard, we’ll perform this treatment with either a backpack sprayer or a 50-gallon power sprayer. We’ll also use a granular feeder if necessary, and will place mosquito dunks in areas of standing water to eliminate mosquito larvae.

Although available on a one-time basis, we recommend our Mosquito Misting Treatment Plan, which includes monthly treatments between April and October. This plan will keep the mosquito populations on your property at a minimum all season long, not only allowing you to enjoy your yard but also protecting you from harmful diseases.

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