What are moles?

Moles are insectivores that, despite spending their lives underground and rarely coming into contact with people, can cause big problems in our outdoor spaces. You can identify these pests by their small, stocky bodies covered in dense, dark brown, or black velvety fur. They also have large front feet, and rounded claws that they use to move through the earth. Their back legs are smaller and thinner and have sharp claws. These ground-dwelling creatures have small eyes, poor vision, and ears without external openings. They also have a short tail that is either naked or sparsely haired, and a hairless pointed nose.

Are moles dangerous?

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Moles are more destructive than dangerous. These creatures tunnel through the soil to feed on earthworms and insects. Their tunnels create dirt trails and mounds above the ground that create several problems. They are unpleasant to look at, make mowing difficult, and cause trips and falls. While moles do not feed on the roots of plants, creating their tunnels causes damage to the roots of flowers, bulbs, shrubs, and grass.

Why do I have a mole problem?

Any of our lawns could be subject to a mole infestation at any time. However, those properties located next to outdoor spaces like crop fields, parks, golf courses, or wooded areas may have a higher chance of experiencing a mole problem. Another reason for a mole problem is because your property is offering them moist, easy-to-dig-through soil that is full of earthworms and insects.

Where will I find moles?

Moles are outdoor pests; they aren’t something that you are going to have to worry about scurrying out from behind your kitchen’s walls. You will find that moles are active throughout the entire year. When the temperature drops, they will dig down deeper below the frost line. Hungry moles commonly invade our lawns, vegetable gardens, and flower beds.

How do I get rid of moles?

Get rid of moles from your residential or commercial property with the help of the local experts at All Star Pest Control. We will eliminate moles and other pests from your home or business and provide the follow-up services needed to prevent them from returning. We work closely with our customers to ensure that we meet all their pest control needs.

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How can I prevent moles in the future?

The best way to prevent future problems with moles is to partner with the professionals at All Star Pest Control. Moles, like other lawn pests, are hard to stop. The best way to eliminate and prevent problems with moles is to contact professionals as soon as you notice any mole activity on your property. Controlling moles and the insects living in the soil on your property is best left up to a professional. For more information about our mole control services, call All Star Pest Control today.